Following Choi Woo Sik & Lee Jong Suk, Kim Seon Ho will play another Park Hoon Jung’s character with ‘sweet appearance but ruthless ability’

Kim Seon Ho will make his film debut through “The Childe” and enter “Park Hoon Jung’s male character world”.

Scheduled to premiere on June 21st, “The Childe” by director Park Hoon Jung tells the story of various forces, including a mysterious man called Nobleman (Kim Seon Ho), appearing in front of Marco, a boxer who travels around illegal boxing rings in the Philippines, with different purposes, unfolding a chase of madness.


In another movie by Park Hoon Jung –  “The Witch”, actor Choi Woo Sik took off his pure and cheerful image in real life and showed off a sharp and intense appearance when playing Nobleman. Then “The Witch 2” featured Lee Jong Suk giving off a mysterious vibe and increasing the tension of the story by portraying Jang, the head of a secret research institute that pursues the whereabouts of the missing girl.


As such, Kim Seon Ho will join the team of characters with “sweet appearances but ruthless abilities” in Park Hoon Jung’s films, raising viewers’ curiosity.

Kim Seon Ho will portray the unidentified chaser Nobleman, who creates chaos surrounding Marco. The actor is expected to present his drastic transformation into a character that is ruthless, merciless yet calm and witty, showcasing a completely new image that viewers have never seen before.

Source: Daum

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