Dating rumors between stars and famous YouTubers, influencers

Let’s take a look at dating rumors between stars and famous YouTubers, influencers.

Actor Park Seo Joon & singer-YouTuber xooos

These are the main characters who have recently heated up online with a surprise dating rumor. Evidence and sightings of their romantic relationship such as “London date photos” and “couple sneakers” poured out, bolstering the claim. In particular, Park Seo Joon’s brief position after the dating rumor is accepted as “admit to being in a romantic relationship”. At that time, he said, “Personally, I feel very pressured when it comes to opening up about my private life. I can’t give any specific comment since it’s my personal matter. My first thought upon seeing the articles was ‘I’m really receiving so much attention’.”

Former BIGBANG member Seungri & actress-turned-influencer Yoo Hye Won

Actress-turned-influencer Yoo Hye Won has been embroiled in dating rumors with Seungri three times. In 2018, they were caught hugging in front of a hotel in the Netherlands by Taiwanese media, but did not make any special positions. In March 2020, when Seungri entered the 6th Infantry Recruit Training Center in Cheorwon County, Gangwon Province, claims that Yoo Hye Won accompanied him were raised. Last March, they were seen spending time together in Bangkok, Thailand. At that time, Yoo Hye Won’s side said “Yoo Hye Won was with her acquaintances as she had a Thai wedding schedule” and predicted a tough response against groundless and malicious comments.

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Singer Ailee & game YouTuber DDDD

The two were embroiled in dating rumors close to happening in 2020. At that time, after Ailee mentioned on her YouTube channel “I’m a fan of DDDD“, DDDD suggested Ailee to play a game together. What’s interesting is Ailee’s meaningful remarks after dating rumors. When appearing on MBC Every1’s “Video Star” in the past, Ailee confessed, “Dating rumors (with DDDD) were fun. I didn’t hate it that much.” Regardless of dating rumors, the two have been maintaining their special (?) friendship, such as DDDD publicly going to Ailee’s concerts and them doing joint broadcasts.

Actor Kim Tae Yi & girl group member-turned-influencer Kang Tae Ri

Actor Kim Tae Yi surprised everyone by making another transfer (?) as soon as “Transit Love 2” ended. The main character is girl group member-turned-influencer Kang Tae Ri. The two were rumored to be dating when they posted photos taken against the backdrop of Gwangalli Beach, Busan on the same day on SNS. Afterwards, various “paste baits” such as necklaces with similar designs were detected, making fans excited. In particular, during a recent Q&A, when asked “Is it true that you have a boyfriend? I witnessed you two dating by chance“, Kang Tae Ri replied “Please pretend you didn’t see me” and smiled awkwardly.

BTOB Yook Sung Jae & influencer-TikToker Young Eun

Yook Sung Jae and influencer-TikToker Young Eun, who became famous for uploading dance videos, were rumored to be dating, but it was just a happening. Dating rumors began to spread when Young Eun posted a photo of her using the same phone case as Yook Sung Jae on her SNS account. In particular, rumors of the two’s romantic relationship intensified as Young Eun continued to upload a video taken at a golf course and it contained a voice believed to be Yook Sung Jae’s. However, Yook Sung Jae’s agency Cube Entertainment drew a line, “Yook Sung Jae and Young Eun are just friends. They play golf together. Yook Sung Jae recently started playing golf as a hobby, and that’s how they got close.”

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