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Nich Khun to be the guide as “Birdie Boys” visit Thailand, “I’m proud as a Thai”

“Birdie Boys” will go on their first overseas trip to Thailand.

JTBC’s “Birdie Boys,” which will air on November 20th, will introduce MZ generation’s favorite travel destinations in Thailand.

In this episode, Nich Khun called himself “Guide Khun” and showed his own schedule. Throughout the trip, Nich Khun not only explained the travel destinations skillfully but also opened an “essential Thai class” for the members, showing his potential to be a real guide. Seeing the members sincerely enjoying the trip, Nichkhun was reportedly satisfied, saying, “I am very proud as a Thai.”


Meanwhile, the youngest member Baek Ho, who will be in charge of the general affairs on their trip to Thailand, shows the strict side of Manager Baek by even saving the beverage money. However, his meticulous appearance briefly slipped at the restaurant where diners can taste Thai royal cuisine. He ordered expensive seafood menus, unlike members who want to order cheap menus. Baek Ho eventually confesses, “I think I’ll have to starve from tomorrow,” due to concerns about the members’ expenses.

After that, the “Birdie Boys” members visited Wat Saket Temple where they can enjoy the city view of Bangkok at a glance. Viewers are curious as the members picked an unfortunate fortune telling which predicted that they would face a bad situation and “may have a problem.”


“Birdie Boys” finished their trip and entered a 2:3 golf match. The “Tom and Jerry” chemistry between the eldest brother Lee Teuk and the youngest Baek Ho will be released. Even before the start, Lee Teuk showed his confidence, saying, “I can beat you (Baek Ho),” while Baek Ho said, “Lee Teuk will fail!” and “I should teach Lee Teuk a lesson!”.


Min Hyuk, who went to the same team as Baek Ho, continues to coach passionately by shouting “Baek Ho~” and constantly giving his feedback on Baek Ho’s play. In response, Baek Ho is said to have devastated the golf course with his honest remarks, saying, “Teaming with Min Hyun means I can easily win, but teaming with Lee Teuk is more comfortable.”

Source: Daum

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