Model-turned-actors Kim Woo Bin and Esom expressed feelings over their reunion in “Black Knight” after 12 years

Kim Woo Bin and Esom reunited for the first time in 12 years through Netflix’s original series “Black Knight”.

On the morning of May 10th, the press conference for Netflix’s “Black Knight” was held at Provoke Seoul, Yeongdeungpo-gu. Director Cho Ui Seok and the cast, including Kim Woo Bin, Song Seung Heon, Kang Yoo Seok and Esom, attended the event to share various things about their new work.

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Against the background of the future Korean Peninsula where people cannot live without oxygen respirators due to extreme air pollution, “Black Knight” depicts the story centering on legendary delivery driver 5-8 and refugee boy Sa Wol as they face the Cheonmyeong Group, who rules the world using oxygen as a weapon.

In this series, Kim Woo Bin plays deliveryman 5-8, Song Seung Heon appears as Ryu Seok, the only heir of the Cheonmyeong Group. Meanwhile, Kang Yoo Seok takes on the role of refugee boy Sa Wol, who dreams of becoming a delivery driver, and Esom portrays military officer Seol Ah.

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In particular, Kim Woo Bin and Esom have known each other since they were active as models. After making their acting debuts, the two worked together in the 2011 special drama “White Christmas”. Reuniting for the first time after 12 years through “Black Knight”, the two actors expressed their overwhelming feelings.

First of all, Esom shared, “When I heard that Woo Bin would join this project, I was actually very happy. I really looked forward to meeting him again. During our first shoot, we had to wear masks and act only with our eyes, but Woo Bin’s energy came through his eyes was so good. It made me feel really happy and I think he was really cool. But he didn’t seem to be as happy as me.”

In response, Kim Woo Bin said, “I gave lots of signs that I was glad to meet her again, but Esom didn’t show any expression”, drawing laughter.

The actor continued, “I felt very delighted. My previous work ended late so I was very burdened when joining this project later than others. However, It was so great that I got to work with Esom”. He emphasized, “We talked about our past memories during breaks and I realized that both of us have survived and lived well. I wandered around and got scolded a lot during the first shoots, but it was so nice to act with her after a long time.”

Netflix’s new series “Black Knight” will premiere on May 12th.

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