Lee Da Hee’s younger brother debuted as an actor…Charisma in “Stealer”

Lee Da Hee’s younger brother Lee Tae Hee, who drew attention for his resemblance to Lee Da Hee, made his full-fledged debut as an actor.

According to OSEN on May 10th, Lee Tae Hee debuted through the currently airing tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama “Stealer: The Treasure Keeper” (written by Shin Kyung Il, directed by Choi Joon Bae, Min Jung Ah, hereinafter referred to as “Stealer”).

Lee Da Hee

Lee Tae Hee, who appeared from episode 8, showed his successful start as an actor with attractive features, charismatic vibe and stable acting.

Lee Tae Hee recently opened a new SNS account and posted photos of himself posing affectionately with Joo Won, the main actor of “Stealer”, and other actors. He also F4F (Follow for Follow) with his older sister Lee Da Hee and Lee Da Hee’s agency Ghost Studio, which raised expectations about the synergy in the future.

Lee Da Hee

Lee Da Hee and Lee Tae Hee’s sister-brother relationship is famous.

In 2020, Lee Da Hee posted a photo on her SNS with the caption “I love you, too“. In the photo, Lee Tae Hee was drawing “LOVE” with his fingers. He attracted attention by boasting a similar vibe to Lee Da Hee. Netizens were amazed at the siblings’ visuals, saying, “Doppelganger level.

Lee Da Hee

In 2018, Lee Da Hee posted a video with the caption “My younger brother will go back (to his unit) in 3 hours. How many surprise kisses did I give you today? I succeeded twice hehehe. I love you, Tae Hee“. The video showed Lee Tae Hee in military uniform and Lee Da Hee lovingly looking at her younger brother, creating warmth.

Lee Da Hee's younger brother

Meanwhile, “Stealer” is showing a thrilling development surrounding the recovery of cultural assets. Episode 9 will be broadcast at 10:30 PM today (May 10th). Lee Da Hee recently played the role of Won Mi Ho in TVING’s original drama “Island”.

Source: Nate

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