“Killing you is not hard,” a battle on the “toilet photo” taken on the day the victim was threatened by Yang Hyun-suk

A, who was threatened by Yang Hyun-seok, argued with the attorney over the authenticity of the “toilet photo” taken at the YG office building.

The Seoul Central District Court held a trial regarding former YG CEO Yang and others on threatening retaliation accusation on Jun 13th and conducted a cross-examination against witness A.

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In an earlier hearing, A claimed she met with former CEO Yang on the 7th floor of YG’s office and was threatened, forcing her to reverse her statement on the drug suspicion of B.I. (Kim Han-bin). Thinking that she needed proof of this, she took back her phone, which she had handed in, and went to the bathroom on the 3rd or 4th floor to take a picture.

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At that time, A explained that she went to the bathroom with B, who was indicted with former CEO Yang.

The photo is considered as the key evidence to show the circumstances in which A was threatened by former CEO Yang.

Former CEO Yang’s lawyer doubted whether the photo was taken when A was threatened and tried to deny the credibility of A’s statement and the photo’s ability to testify.

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Former CEO Yang’s lawyer asked A, “Why didn’t you call your mom or friend in the bathroom or report the situation to 112?”

In response, A claimed that the situation was not favorable for her, saying that B was waiting in front of the bathroom at the time, “I only took one photo, but he already asked me why I took so long in there.”

The lawyer also argued that there was a bathroom on the 7th floor as well, which is why B would not have made her go to the bathroom on the 3rd and 4th floors.

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In response, A said, “I didn’t know there was a bathroom on the 7th floor,” adding, “I don’t know the structure of the building and went anywhere B took me.”

In the process of the subsequent cross-examination, A again claimed, “The photo was taken at the YG office building, and no one can deny it.”

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In addition, when Yang’s attorney showed a picture of the 4th-floor toilet of the YG building and claimed that it was difficult to take a photo like A’s, A said, “It’s not that toilet,” and explained, “The toilet was not that big.”

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When A mentioned that there was a possibility that she might have gone to the third floor, not the fourth floor, the attorney said, “There is the artist’s studio on the third floor,” and pointed out, “Even executives and employees who don’t have their fingerprints registered cannot enter the third floor.”

In addition, during the interrogation process, A claimed that the investigative agency announced there was no problem with the date and time when the photo was taken, but the attorney refuted that there was no such content in the statement.

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The attorney asked, “The defendants said A had never been to the bathroom at the time, did you know that?” and A replied, “Yes.”

The court explained, “I don’t think the situation at the time is properly revealed yet,” adding, “Please submit photos or videos on the defendant’s side regarding the structure of the bathroom and the internal situation.”

Yang hyun suk

Former CEO Yang is accused of forcing and threatening A to reverse her statement, saying, “Killing you is not hard at all.”

yang hyun suk

A, who was an idol trainee, stated B.I‘s alleged drug use while undergoing a police investigation on charges of drug use herself in 2016, but she reversed it. In June 2019, she reported to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission that she reversed her statement under external pressure from YG Entertainment.

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