Nana’s Tattoos Raise Eyebrows: A Nuisance to “Mask Girl” Production Team?

Being an actor entails a responsibility that one should feel from the moment they decide to join a project.

Researching the character, crafting the external appearance, and self-care are all part of an actor’s role. If causing harm to many for personal satisfaction, it becomes a clear nuisance.

In September of last year, Nana’s full-body tattoo garnered significant attention. During the premiere event of the movie ‘Confession,’ Nana appeared with vibrant tattoos all over her body. This led to debates about whether they were real tattoos or stickers. It’s unusual for an active actor in Korea to get tattoos in easily visible areas like arms, legs, and ankles.


Later, Nana revealed, “I did it because I personally wanted to,” confirming that they were real tattoos, though she didn’t provide a clear explanation for the decision.

Just four days before the release of Netflix series ‘Mask Girl,’ Nana opened up on YouTube channel ‘Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night,’ speaking openly for the first time in a year.

She stated, “I was emotionally struggling when I got the tattoos. It felt like my way of expressing emotions. Tattooing was the only way I could release my emotions.”

She also mentioned that she is currently in the process of removing the tattoos, as she decided to do so upon her mother’s request. Reflecting, she admitted, “Looking back, I feel quite foolish.”

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For Nana, the full-body tattoo was a brief escape during a difficult time, a way to relieve stress when there was nowhere else to turn. Getting tattoos is a personal choice. There is no rule that forbids actors from getting tattoos just because they’re in front of the camera.

However, the timing was unfortunate. Nana got the full-body tattoo during the filming of ‘Mask Girl.’ According to a production staff member, Nana revealed the tattoo during shooting, requiring additional makeup to cover it up. Her impulsive action put the production team in a difficult situation.

Previously, Nana had applied henna to her arms for her character in ‘Glitch,’ aiming to express the character’s 4D personality. However, in ‘Mask Girl,’ Nana portrayed Kim Momi, a character central to the story’s connections, making her appearance vital. Nana’s decision to get real tattoos instead of hennas for the role added to the workload for the production team.


No matter how skilled an actor is, showing basic consideration and respect for the project is essential. An example can be seen with fellow ‘Mask Girl’ cast members Ahn Jae Hong and Um Hye Ran as they displayed passion by spending over two hours on special makeup for each shoot.

In contrast, Nana had to undergo makeup to cover her tattoos, which could have been avoided.

Source: Nate.

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