Sakura (IZ*ONE)’s deep thoughts on homosexuality from many years ago caught attention in Korea

What Sakura wrote has left a strong impression on Korean netizens.

 Although today’s society has been much more open, same-sex love is still a very sensitive topic for Koreans.  Therefore, artists and celebrities in this country rarely share their thoughts on the topic of homosexuality openly. But recently, what a foreign idol wrote about this sensitive topic has attracted the attention of Korean netizens thanks to her meaningful words.

 The idol mentioned in is Miyawaki Sakura (IZ*ONE).  Years ago, as a member of HKT48 in Japan, Sakura had an article sharing her thoughts on homosexuality. Her article, which was translated into Korean by fans, has been spread all over the internet, becoming a hot topic on Korean online forums.

Sakura (IZ*ONE)’s deep thoughts on homosexuality from many years ago caught attention in Korea

 Here is what was written by Sakura:

 “When watching a romance movie, I thought about the form of true love.

 With what factors can you differentiate people? Age, grade level, job, if you look more closely, you can differentiate people based on various factors such as having double eyelids or monolids, long hair, or short hair.

Out of all those things, the easiest way to differentiate is by gender. Male or female. The shape of the body, way of thinking, what they do, all these things change. While there are advantages for women, there are disadvantages as well. It goes the same way for men.

Now here is the question, who and who are involved in dating? Is the answer man and woman? There are no right or wrong answers to people’s emotions. Dating between men and women is fine to exist, and I think that Japan needs to understand more deeply about homosexuality. From the beginning, I think that having a true relationship is loving the partner based on their ideas of life, and above all things, their mind and heart. Things like gender come after. I heard that transgenders live in a way that they are true to themselves, and they take transgender as their identity. For me also, I don’t have time for dating now, but I could happen to like a woman. I think that’s the same for anyone. For love, just like a trap, you don’t know when and whom you will fall to. If your heart is shouting out that you like a person, I think that is love no matter what.”

What Sakura shared has been receiving a lot of praise from Korean netizens. Many people are impressed with Sakura’s deep, humane words even though she is talking about a topic that is still very sensitive in society in countries like Korea or Japan, especially when she wrote this at a very young age.

 – “I don’t know why I cried when I read these words. Thank you, Sakura”

 – “Whether it’s the same sex or the opposite sex, being able to love someone is a blessing itself. It’s something that even though I tried hard to, I couldn’t do it”

 – “She wrote really prettily”

 – “I personally had no feelings for Sakura but this.. really.. I can’t help but like it. Her thoughts are too deep.”

 – “That’s right. Just do what your heart tells you, if you like someone, it simply means you like them!”

 – “These are words that our country’s idols won’t be able to say because they’re scared.”

 – “It’s great that she considers and thinks about this herself, and builds value for herself”

 – “Wow her words are nicely put. She got deep thoughts”

 – “Really smart. Her statement just shows her sincerity to her fans and also her open and respectful attitude toward transgender people. It’s nice.”

 – “An idol worth learning from”

 – “Proud of Sakura “

 – “Sakura speaks very well She seems to be the one who can clearly determine her direction.”

 – “Surprisingly, when she wrote this, she was only 20 years old Korean age”

 – “I don’t know Sakura very well, I’m not a fan of her either, but just reading this makes me think that she is a really deep and thoughtful person”

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