“The Red Sleeve” NG cut that is making a hot topic: Court Lady Seo almost got called to Yi San’s bedroom instead of Seong Deok-im

MBC-TV’s drama “The Red Sleeve” is still attracting more attention even when it has already ended.

According to Wavve, “The Red Sleeve”, which ended on January 1st, topped the weekly popularity ranking revealed on January 7th. Therefore, this drama has ranked No.1 on this chart for 6 consecutive weeks.

In particular, Wavve traffic on January 2nd, which was the day after the last episode of “The Red Sleeve” was aired, broke the highest record. Accordingly, this drama easily surpassed the record of the number of users per minute who watched the show simultaneously set by SBS-TV’s drama “Penthouse 2”, to rank 1st place.

Through the rewatch service, audiences are still enjoying the lingering effects caused by “The Red Sleeve”. In addition, they even watched making videos prepared by the production team repeatedly and have shared many reviews.

the red sleeve

Among the behind-the-scenes content, the video of “NG Cuts Compilation” uploaded on Youtube channel ‘MBC Drama’ on January 7th drew keen attention. Immediately after its release, this video rapidly ranked No.20 in the Trending Video category.

In the video, the scene that captivated viewers’ interest is the part when King Jeongjo Yi San (Lee Jun-ho) decided to call Seong Deok-im (Lee Se-young) to his bedroom in episode 16.

the red sleeve

In the official broadcast, King Jeongjo was angry upon hearing that Deok-im was rumored to have an affair outside the palace. However, it turned out the rumor was caused by a misunderstanding of Royal Noble Consort Hwabin Yoon (Yi Seo). After that, he decided to call Deok-im to his bedroom.

This scene is considered one of the best scenes that proved Lee Jun-ho’s acting skills. Therefore, it caught the attention of audiences as Lee Jun-ho actually made an unexpected mistake when saying his line during the filming.

the red sleeve

In the original broadcast, Lee Jun-ho lines were, “Court Lady Seo (Jang Hye-jin), listen and do not make me repeat this for the second time. Do not let Seong Deok-im work under the authority of Royal Noble Consort Hwabin anymore”, “Bring Seong Deok-im to my bedroom tonight”, “Do not make me say it twice”.

In the NG scene, after successfully finishing his first line, Lee Jun-ho mistakenly said, “Tonight, bring Court Lady Seo… Oh I just said Court Lady Seo”, making everyone burst into laughter.

the red sleeve

In response to this NG cut, netizens commented, “Court Lady Seo almost replaced Deok-im”, “Even the staff burst out laughing”, “He suddenly called Court Lady Seo”

Even after the drama ended, the production team didn’t forget to express their gratitude to the viewers and fans, so they decided to share these behind-the-scenes videos.

Let’s watch the video below.


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