BLACKPINK Jisoo’s exceptional fan service, presenting Dior lip balm to fans

During her solo activities, Jisoo of girl group BLACKPINK has shown great love and support for her fans. 

On May 24th, a video titled “EP.6 [ME] INKIGAYO & FAN SIGN EVENT BEHIND” was uploaded on BLACKPINK Jisoo’s YouTube channel “Happiness Index 103%”.


In the video, the behind the scenes of Jisoo’s solo activities are revealed. 

In particular, the video features a congratulatory party prepared for Jisoo, who officially started promotional activities for her solo title “Flower” with a pre-recorded performance on “Inkigayo”. It can be seen that Jisoo was delighted when she discovered the surprise party prepared by the staff. Among the gifts prepared for Jisoo was macarons made by fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie.


Seeing these, Jisoo expressed her gratitude by saying, “Jendeuk (nickname of Jennie) made these macaroons for me”, and continued to take various photos with the gifts.

On the same day, Jisoo also prepared a special “fan service” for fans who took the time to visit the recording site to see her.

“Thanks for coming today BLINKS (fans of BLACKPINK). I’ve prepared a surprise gift for BLINKS with DIOR X Dunst. We worked really closely to put together things you’ll all like… I hope you all like it. Please keep it as a great memory for a long time”, Jisoo said. 

The gift that Jisoo prepared on this day was a lip balm from luxury brand Dior. In response to a fan’s greeting saying, “Thank you for the lip balm, unnie (older sister in Korean)!” Jisoo responded warmly by sending a heart.

Source: Nate 

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