Controversy Sparks Among BTS Fans Over Faker’s Possible Military Service Exemption

Some BTS fans find it unfair that gamer Faker might be getting exempted from the mandatory military service 

Fans of BTS recently engaged in a heated debate over the potential exemption of professional gamers, including the iconic Faker, from mandatory military service in South Korea.

The controversy centers around the news that players from League of Legends may be exempted from their military obligations if they secure a Gold Medal at the 19th Asian Games (ASIAD). South Korean media sources have recently confirmed this report, drawing parallels with the exemption granted to soccer star Son Heung Min and his teammates after their ASIAD 18 victory. 


Under this policy, football players in the Korean national team are exempted from serving up to 2 years of mandatory military service and instead engage in community-based military activities for a shorter duration, lasting only three weeks.

However, with the inclusion of League of Legends as an official medal event at ASIAD 19, it opens the door for players such as Faker, Chovy, Ruler, and others to potentially secure the military service exemption. This development has ignited debates among some BTS fans.


Fans argue that BTS members have made significant contributions to the nation in recent years. They have not only promoted Korean culture to a global audience but have also played a vital role in fostering the nation’s economy. Despite these contributions, members of BTS are only permitted to postpone their military service until the age of 30.

Currently, BTS has two members who are fulfilling their military service—Jin and J-Hope. Jin, the group’s eldest member, enlisted in December of the previous year, while J-Hope followed in April. Moreover, there are strong indications that the remaining five members will soon fulfill their military obligations, with a view to reuniting as a group in 2025.

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