Controversy Over BLACKPINK’s Contract Renewal: Netizens Raise Concerns over The Group’s Future if Only Rosé Stays in YG 

Rumors of BLACKPINK’s contract renewal have ignited debates and speculations among Korean netizens

As nothing has been confirmed regarding BLACKPINK’s contract renewal, opinions on who’s staying, who’s leaving, and what’s next for the members have sparked divided opinions. 

After BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK world tour came to an end, rumors claim that Rosé is the only member to renew her contract with YG Entertainment, while Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo are likely to sign with new companies, all while committing to staying together as BLACKPINK, with six months a year dedicated to active promotions.

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However, YG Entertainment has clarified that nothing has been confirmed, as contract negotiations are still underway. Despite no official confirmation, YG’s stock saw a significant drop of more than 13% when the rumor of Rosé’s renewal surfaced.

Korean netizens were quick to share their thoughts on this matter. Some expressed surprise that Rosé, the group’s main vocalist and the most likely to depart from YG, was likely the only one renewing her contract. Others raised doubts about BLACKPINK’s ability to maintain their group activities, given their past hiatus of up to two years while under the same management.

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In addition, when Korean media reported that Jisoo would shift her focus toward acting, this has sparked criticism from some who accused her of prioritizing her acting career over BLACKPINK. 


Some comments from Korean netizens: 

  • I thought Rosé would be the first to leave YG? But she’s the only one staying?
  • They already have few group activities. If they’re not under the same company, their group activities will be much more difficult.
  • Contract renewal is still in discussions. BLACKPINK won’t disband.
  • Actually, promoting together 1-2 times a year is fine
  • If BLACKPINK disbands, it will be a disaster. If they are smart, they will surely continue to work together as a group.
  • I thought Jisoo would renew her contract, but it seems she’s too greedy for an acting career.

Source: K14 

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