BLACKVELVET – the top-notch rookie girl group you deserve (but won’t probably debut)

The teaser photoshoot of this girl group has gone viral in the Kpop community, especially for the fans of BLACK PINK and Red Velvet. Let’s call them BLACKVELVET.

Today, on different social networks, some powerful pictures shocked the K-pop fan community. These are pictures of a group of 9 members who are all beautiful with shocking visual. Not to mention that when looking into the profile of each member, their vocal, dancing, and entertainment skills are of top-notch quality. A lot of Kpop fans said that this group would ‘lit Kpop on fire’.

Can you guess who they are?

Yes, let me introduce the girl group that exists only in dreams that fans love to name “BlackVelvet”. It consists of 9 members: 4 members of Black Pink and 5 members of Red Velvet. This is the combination that fans wish for the most because they match too well in terms of appearance, personality and talent.

If you still have any doubts, please take a look at the following images:

Apparently the two groups have different images and concepts. But when combined, they surprisingly complement each other.
Even with the sexy and/or mysterious concept,…
Or with the sweet and charming concept, which making bringing these two groups together always feels right.

A lot of fans are looking forward to a stage that combines both Black Pink and Red Velvet! SM and YG, do you hear me?

Anyways, those are not just-for-fun pictures. The combination of Black Pink and Red Velvet is what the fans are really looking forward to and fortunately, they have a very good reason to hope for. Let’s just ignore the fact that SM and YG are rivals, because the truth is Black Pink and Red Velvet are very close.

The friendship between the members of Black Pink and Red Velvet is seen even behind the stage in real life, not just on the stage. Many moments of the two teams interacting have been “caught red handed” by the fans; or in interviews, Black Pink and Red Velvet often mentioned each other.

After looking at the pictures, even more fans look forward to a “dream” collaboration between the two most popular “gen 3” groups of the Kpop industry. The number of members is 9 and if they ever merge together, the new group will undoubtedly go viral, and maybe even get called “Girls’ Generation 2”.

Sources: k14

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