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“Running Man” Ji Seok Jin shocked at Sam Smith’s outfit, Kim Jong Kook comments “If you wear that, he may contact you”

Ji Seok Jin reacted to the Sam Smith costume he was supposed to wear on “Running Man”.

SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man” broadcast on May 7th featured an age-range race with unexpected costumes.

running man

That day, the members formed teams and drew pictures that would appear on the age-range screen. Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, and Kim Jong Kook teamed up. Haha and Jeon So Min formed another team, and Yang Se Chan and Song Ji Hyo became the third team.

While describing their picture, Yang Se Chan and Song Ji Hyo team drew laughter with their extraordinary makeup. Yoo Jae Suk dressed up as an alien from the movie “Man in Black”, Jeon So Min transformed into “E.T.” alien, and Haha Chose the Simpson costume.

running man

Regarding the concept that Ji Seok Jin will digest, Yang Se Chan commented, “This style is very trendy”. Ji Seok Jin got excited when Yang Se Chan mentioned Sam Smith. However, Ji Seok Jin was flustered when the production team showed him the picture of Sam Smith wearing the black balloon outfit.

Surprised by the strange outfit, Ji Seok Jin wondered, “Are these clothes? Why does Sam Smith look like this?”. Seeing that, Kim Jong Kook tried to comfort him by saying, “If you dress up as Sam Smith, he may contact you himself. Like how (Hwang) Je Sung did.”

Ji Seok Jin laughed and said, “Were you talking about singer Sam Smith? I was thinking of Will Smith.”

Source: Naver

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