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Hyeri struggles with a question about BTS on “HMLYCP”: “If this airs, it’s a big problem”

In the new episode of ENA’s reality show “HMLYCP”, Hyeri’s frustration at not being able to answer a question about BTS was shown.

In episode 7 of ENA’s reality show “HMLYCP”, the members were given K-pop related questions to be answered within a given few seconds, and they all showed confidence.

However, contrary to expectations, even LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon, who is known as a K-pop expert, got a question wrong, leading to a stagnant atmosphere. In the midst of this, Hyeri was given a question about BTS to answer: “Name all the BTS members within 10 seconds.”


As soon as the question was revealed, Chaewon expressed regret that the question was too easy and that she couldn’t go out to answer it. Meanwhile, Hyeri, despite feeling the pressure, stepped forward and started naming BTS members.

However, in the moment of confusion, Hyeri couldn’t remember the names of BTS’s Jin and Jimin, and chaos broke out. Chaewon shouted repeatedly, “This can’t be happening!” and everyone was left with their mouths wide open in surprise.


The members quickly requested to stop the broadcast, saying “We can’t let this go on air.” They hugged Hyeri and said “We have to protect Hyeri.” Hyeri explained, “I really can’t remember. What should I do? I kneeled down.

However, the tension was momentarily broken when Lee Jung asked, “Is this our last episode?” and joked about keeping a distance from Hyeri. 

Hyeri complained to the production team, asking, “Why did you give me this kind of question?” But the members continued to joke around with Hyeri.

Chaewon subtly blamed Hyeri, saying “I knew all (the names). If I had been asked, I could have answered.” Yena added, “This is like (asking about) the national anthem,” and made everyone laugh.

Source: Daum

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