This Actress’s Career Halted After She Starred in a Film by Bong Joon Ho, Despite Being a Popular Youth Star

Discover how Bae Doona’s no-makeup performance in Bong Joon Ho’s film marked a turning point in her career as a youth star to an international actress.

Celebrities are always in the spotlight with their flashy makeup and styling, especially female stars, so how they look are often scrutinized. However, top actress Bae Doona reportedly prefers to act without makeup.

Bae Doona

In a recent appearance on Jung Jae Hyung’s YouTube channel, Bae Doona revealed that her changing skin tone depending on her emotions is a great help in acting, and that makeup does not really help her performance.

Bae Doona’s first no-makeup appearance in a film was in director Bong Joon Ho’s feature film debut, “Barking Dogs Never Bite,” which was released in 2000. At the time, Bae was a star in her early 20s who was wildly popular among those in their 10s and 20s. She was active in various fields such as commercials and music shows.

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After her no-makeup performance, Bae Doona reportedly lost all her work due to people claiming she “looked ugly.” Wearing a yellow hoodie and standing in front of the camera without makeup, Bae Doona said that she felt so emotionally comfortable that she had nothing more to let go of.

Bae Doona said that she didn’t have confidence in herself, but the experience made her much more free, and that she was very lucky to have met good directors and good works early on in her career. 

After “Barking Dogs Never Bite,” her career as a youth star came to an end, but Bae Doona has truly thrived since then.

bae doona

In 2005, she succeeded in her first entry into Japan with the film “Linda Linda Linda,” and in 2009, she won the Best Actress Award at the Japan Academy Awards for her role in the film “Air Doll.” In 2011, she was cast in the Wachowski sisters’ “Cloud Atlas,” famous for “The Matrix,” and made her way into Hollywood.

Her relationship with the Wachowski sisters continued through “Jupiter Ascending” (2015) and the Netflix series “Sense8.” Last year, she completed filming for Zack Snyder’s new film “Rebel Moon.” 

At the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards held on April 28th, Bae Doona made history by being nominated for both Best Supporting Actress for “Broker” and Best Actress for “Next Sohee.” She is about to appear in “Virus,” a film she starred in with Kim Yoon Suk, and “Rebel Moon” by Zack Snyder.

Source: Daum

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