NMIXX gets praised for their excellent cover of a super hard boygroup song, but their outfits remind netizens of BLACKPINK?

NMIXX impressed netizens with their cover of a hard boy group hit. 

JYP’s rookie girl group NMIXX performed at KCON 2022 on May 7th. Because of her ankle injury, Haewon couldn’t join her members on the stage and had to sing while sitting on a chair. At this event, NMIXX surprised everyone as they selected the song “Thunderous” by Stray Kids to perform.
NMIXX’s cover performance of “Thunderous” (Stray Kids)

“Thunderous” is actually a really complicated song with a strong beat, many rap parts in Stray Kids’s unique color as well as fast and powerful choreographies. In order to perform this song, the group must own good skills in dance, rap and also live singing. Many people worried that NMIXX might have decided on such a risky choice, however, the rookie girl group from JYP eventually made netizens pour out compliments for them.  

NMIXX had an impressive Thunderous performance
Their choreography, stage presence
Rap and singing skills are all good

Netizens’ praiseworthy comments:

  • This group is really talented.
  • Haewon is so attractive even when she’s just sitting and singing
  • I see very few groups that cover Stray Kids songs while NMIXX is just a rookie, it’s really amazing.
  • Jiwoo’s good at dancing
  • Rapper line has chance to show their talent
Stray Kids’ Thunder stage

Besides, people also called out BLACKPINK’s name when they saw NMIXX wearing innovative hanbok:

  • Their outfits remind me of BLACKPINK
  • The group that really made the innovative hanbok as popular as it is now is BLACKPINK.
  • Actually, before BLACKPINK, VIXX once wore hanbok on stage.
The innovative hanboks that NMIXX wore on the Thunderous stage
BLACKPINK once caused a stir when wearing innovative hanboks during the How You Like That era

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