Lee Ji-woo boasts her radiant beauty which once made Big3 companies go crazy

The recent situation of Lee Ji-woo – a former SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment trainee – has been reported.

In the first episode of MBC’s “My Teenage Girl Prequel – Oh Eun-young’s hesitation before school”, there was a scene where psychiatrist Oh Eun-young met 83 girls for the first time. On that day, Lee Ji-woo appeared as the main character of the teaser video for “My Teenage Girl”.

Lee Ji-woo

Lee Ji-woo entered SM Entertainment after receiving an offer from this agency, then moved to JYP Entertainment a few months later and became an acting trainee. After that, she even went through YG Entertainment. Lee Ji-woo shared, “I wanted to be an idol, but I left the company because I was scared of dancing.”

Lee Ji-woo

She confessed that she was scared of the monthly evaluation where she was observed by everyone, saying, “I think other people will evaluate me because I’m trying to practice dancing here again.” For this reason, Lee Ji-woo said she couldn’t dance properly in the practice room and returned home to practice until 3-4 a.m.

Lee Ji-woo

However, Lee Ji-woo was upset that her dance skills were not improving and eventually shedded tears. Dr. Oh Eun-young mentioned the technique “hold out until the end” as a way to accept her shortcomings.

Lee Ji-woo

In the meantime, Dr. Oh Eun-young hugged her tightly and encouraged her by making her shout, “I’m doing well.” Lee Ji-woo expressed her gratitude to Dr. Oh Eun-young, saying, “I got emotional when I was comforted, because my self-esteem was becoming lower and lower.”

Lee Ji-woo

Meanwhile, “My Teenage Girl Prequel – Oh Eun-young’s hesitation before school” is a prequel to the global girl group audition program “My Teenage Girl” which is scheduled to premiere on the 28th.


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