Most impactful debut of Kpop girl groups: not BLACKPINK? Deep regrets over ITZY

Korean netizens recently debated on the most impactful debuts of Kpop girl groups, and settled on two legendary picks.

Recently, on the Korean forum ‘theqoo’, a topic titled “Top 2 most impactful girl group debut songs of all time” was published, drawing attention. Noticeably, BLACKPINK, who made a grand entry into the Kpop field with billion-view MV “Boombayah” and “Whistle”, was not mentioned.

“Boombayah” MV – BLACKPINK
Despite their billion-view debut MVs, BLACKPINK’s debut is not the most impactful?
Despite their billion-view debut MVs, BLACKPINK’s debut is not the most impactful?

In particular, the two “most impactful girl group debuts” mentioned in the article are none other than miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” and 2NE1’s “Fire”. Having swept through Korean music charts and become massive hits, both of the songs did wonders to the careers of their respective artists. 

In particular, at the time of release, “Bad Girl Good Girl” has turned miss A into the fastest girl group to take 1st spot on a music show. The song also won “Song of the Year” at the 2010 MAMA, making miss A the first girl group in history to do so with their debut song. Even now, “Bag Girl Good Girl” is still considered a “legend” in the Kpop world. 

“Bad Girl Good Girl” MV – miss A
“Bad Girl Good Girl” quickly became a megahit
“Bad Girl Good Girl” quickly became a megahit

On the other hand, “Fire” received explosive reaction and popularity, transforming 2NE1 into a top girl group. The “Fire” MV also surpassed 1 million views after 24 hours of debut – an impressive number at the time, when YouTube had not yet been popularized. Having fully embraced the strong hip-hop genre and boasted immense stage presence, 2NE1 easily “conquered” the Kpop field, while “Fire” swept through various music charts. 

“Fire” MV – 2NE1
taeyang 2ne1
“Fire” quickly brought 2NE1 to popularity 

Under the aforementioned topic, the majority of netizens agreed that “Fire” and “Bad Girl Good Girl” were the two most awesome debut songs. However, many believed the absence of BLACKPINK was “unreasonable,” stating that the group made impressive achievements with their debut releases that could hardly be surpassed. Furthermore, netizens also expressed their sadness for ITZY who had a successful debut with “Dalla Dalla” but was quickly forgotten due to the absence of more recent successes. 

“Dalla Dalla” MV – ITZY 
The absence of a more recent success diminished the impact of ITZY’s debut 

Netizens’ comments: 

  • I have to admit perhaps anyone could write these two songs’ lyrics on the spot. 
  • I “lived through” these two debuts and 2NE1 was really shot to stardom overnight. Right after that was the Lollipop ads with BIGBANG. 
  • I feel bad for ITZY because “Dalla Dalla” was such a sensation back then. 
  • BLACKPINK should have made the cut. 

Source: theqoo

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