Lee Young Ji unveiled Jay Park’s unique consolation method when she cried

“Show Me The Money” winner Lee Young Ji revealed a pleasant anecdote during a dinner party with her “favorite” Jay Park. 

On February 5th, Lee Young Ji appeared as a guest on KBS2’s “The Seasons – Jay Park’s Drive” (literal translation) and talked with Jay Park. Here, Lee Young Ji greeted the audience by saying, “Hello. I am Lee Young Ji, who won the rap contest this time. And this is my winning producer, Jay Park.”

Afterwards, Lee Young Ji and Jay Park shared that they went out to eat pork belly two weeks before the recording of the broadcast, and had a fun dinner together to celebrate winning the Mnet rap show “Show Me The Money 11”.

Lee young ji jay park

Lee Young Ji said that while having fun with Jay Park at the time, she suddenly burst into tears and shed tears, which touched many people.

According to Lee Young Ji, as she cried, Jay Park asked, “Why are you crying, Young Ji? Were you eliminated (from ‘Show Me The Money’)?”

Then, when Lee Young Ji replied, “No, it’s because I feel so grateful,” Jay Park comforted her by saying, “Young Ji, stop crying. If you cry, I’ll pluck out your eyelashes.”

Hearing Jay Park’s delightful yet “powerful” consolation, Lee Young Ji couldn’t help but stop her tears.

Lee young ji jay park

As she recalled the anecdote, Lee Young Ji said in a puzzled voice, “Usually when Jae Beom-nim (Jay Park) comforts people, he’d say something like, ‘It’s okay, you did a good job’.”

Meanwhile, Jay Park explained, “It was a celebration party, but since Young Ji was crying, I didn’t know what to do. Should we cry together? So I wanted to lighten up the atmosphere and have fun together.”

Hearing this, fans of the two showed pleasant reactions and left comments such as, “They really seem to get along well” and “Lee Young Ji is a really successful fan.”

Meanwhile, Lee Young Ji previously appeared on several programs and confessed that she was a long-time fan of Jay Park. She then got the chance to meet her “ideal type” and “favorite” Jay Park as rapper and producer in the Mnet program “Show Me The Money 11”, and even became the final winner. 

Source: Insight

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