Kim Sae Ron, former iKON’s B.I, and more controversial celebrities suspended by KBS from appearing on broadcasts

Celebrities who caused controversy for drunk driving and drug use have been banned from broadcast appearances by KBS.

According to KBS on December 21st, Kim Sae Ron (22), Kwak Do Won (49), and Shin Hye Sung (43), who caused controversy over drunk driving, were suspended from appearing on KBS for a temporary period.

Kim Sae-ron Kwak Do-won Shin Hye-seong

In May, Kim Sae Ron was arrested by the police on charges of crashing into facilities such as a transformer while drunk near Hakdong Intersection in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.  At that time, Kim Sae Ron requested a blood test instead of having her blood alcohol level measured on the spot. As a result, her blood alcohol concentration was confirmed to be 0.2%, which exceeded the license revocation level (0.08%).  Recently, Kim Sae Ron’s exclusive contract with her agency reportedly expired and she did not renew the contract.

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Kwak Do Won was suspected of driving about 11km under the influence of alcohol from a bar at around 4 a.m. KST on September 25. At that time, Kwak Do Won’s blood alcohol level was much higher than the license revocation level.

Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung was booked at Tancheon 2nd Bridge in Songpa-gu, Seoul in October for refusing to take a breathalyzer test under the Road Traffic Act. The police found Shin Hye Sung in the middle of a road in Songpa-gu, Seoul, and tried to make him take a breathalyzer, but when he refused, they arrested him. 

In accordance with the Operational Standards of the Broadcasting Appearance Regulation Review Committee, KBS recommends that entertainers who have committed “illegal or unethical acts that caused social controversy” refrain from appearing, or impose temporary restrictions on appearances or suspension of appearances on broadcasts. As a result, the three have been temporarily suspended from showing up on broadcasts.

Composer Don Spike (45), actor Ha Jung Woo (44), and former iKON member B.I (26) were suspended from appearing on broadcasts on the same day by KBS.

Don Spik Ha Jung-woo B.I

Don Spike was accused of buying 45 million won worth of methamphetamine on nine occasions since December of last year and administering drugs a total of 14 times, including administering methamphetamine several times with a female receptionist. After admitting all charges in the first trial, he was sentenced to 5 years in prison by the prosecution at the decision trial on December 20th.

Ha Jung Woo was fined 30 million won for illegally administering propofol at a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam, Seoul from January 2019 to September of the same year.

Ha Jung-woo 27th BIFF

In April and May 2016, B.I was prosecuted for purchasing marijuana and LSD, through an acquaintance, and using some of them. The court sentenced B.I to three years in prison and four years probation. In addition, 80 hours of community service, 40 hours of drug treatment lectures, and an additional fine of 1.5 million won were also ordered.

Source: Wikitree

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