Rookie BOYNEXTDOOR Expresses Gratitude to Zico: “We Learned a Sincere Attitude Towards Music From Him”

BOYNEXTDOOR shared how thankful they are for their producer Zico.

On May 30th, BOYNEXTDOOR held a debut single showcase for “WHO!” in Hannam-dong, Seoul. They stated, “Zico PD-nim has been sincere to us. We learned an attitude towards music from him.


BOYNEXTDOOR gained attention even before their official debut as the first boy group launched by KOZ Entertainment, a label under HYBE. 

KOZ Entertainment, which started its boy group project in 2019, has been diligently preparing for about four and a half years to discover talented individuals who fit their label’s style.


Curiosity arises about what kind of advice Zico gave to BOYNEXTDOOR members. Jaehyun stated, “When I first joined KOZ Entertainment, Zico PD-nim assured me that I could grow as a musician by working with a team. Instead of giving advice, he showed it through his actions. He led us in various ways and demonstrated how to approach music.

Taesan continued, “He always emphasized our individualities and taught us how to blend them together as a team. He sincerely helped us.” Woonhak added, “I learned an attitude towards music from Zico PD-nim.

On May 30th, BOYNEXTDOOR released their debut single album “WHO!” through various music platforms at 6 p.m. KST.

Source: Daum.

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