This “The Glory” & “The Good Bad Mother” actor used to work many part-time jobs to help his parents pay off debts

Lee Do Hyun’s story before becoming a star actor touched many fans.

After gaining huge success after starring in Netflix’s hit series “The Glory”, actor Lee Do Hyun has recently drawn sympathy from viewers with his performance as the main character Choi Kang Ho in tvN’s drama “The Good Bad Mother”.


In an interview in the past, Lee Do Hyun drew attention when he said, “I’ve been doing various part-time jobs since I was very young”. Revealing that he delivered newspapers to help his mother, the actor shared, “My mom did three jobs a day and she rarely slept more than 4 hours”.

In addition, Lee Do Hyun also confessed that he took a family photo with his parents and younger brother using his first part-time salary. He explained, “I envied families with family photos hanging in their rooms I saw in dramas, so I decided to take a family photo”, adding that his parents still keep that photo in the living room.


In March, Lee Do Hyun guested on tvN’s variety show “You Quiz on the Block” and gave an update on his family’s whereabouts after moving out of the house where they had lived for 20 years.

The actor mentioned the happy appearance of his mother that he saw for the first time when they moved their house. He added, “Although it’s still a lease, the space is wider and it’s brighter. The windows are bigger and the ventilation is good. My mother’s face looks more comfortable now. Her wrinkles have disappeared.”


Revealing that his parents are still working, Lee Do Hyun said, “Now that all the debts are already paid off, we’ve also moved to a new house and I can earn money for myself. However, my parents want to keep working I hope they can have some hobbies and live the rest of their lives happily”, showing his aspect of a good son.

Source: Daum

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