Heard that BTS’s # 1 Billboard hit was inspired by Katy Perry’s Firework, US-UK fans reacted extremely strongly.

It seems that recently Katy Perry has been keeping an eye on BTS? But US-UK fans are annoyed with BTS’s success?

Recently, in an exclusive interview with Billboard, Jessica Agombar, who co-wrote the song Dynamite of BTS, admitted: “Katy Perry‘s music was my biggest inspiration when writing Dynamite for 7 Big Hit boys”. It is known that Dynamite was written by 5 musicians including: Jessica Agombar, David Stewart, Pdogg, Miles Ale and hit-man Bang.

Heard that BTS's # 1 Billboard hit was inspired by Katy Perry's Firework, US-UK fans reacted extremely strongly.
Heard that BTS's # 1 Billboard hit was inspired by Katy Perry's Firework, US-UK fans reacted extremely strongly.

Sharing her inspiration for writing Dynamite, Jessica said: “”It needs to be explosive” — and obviously explosive then became “Dynamite.” Any kind of word like that… I’m always thinking of fireworks, or “Firework,” because I’m a massive Katy Perry fan. I just wanted anything high-energy. It wasn’t a particular lyric, it was a bundle of ideas: explosive, fireworks, dynamite, party, fun, energetic, worldwide takeover”.

Indeed, like Katy Perry’s Firework, Dynamite is also a song full of positive energy, the lyrics also help revive the spirit of the audience around the world in accordance with the message BTS wants to convey. And clearly, reaching # 1 Billboard Hot 100 for 2 consecutive weeks is the most obvious answer to Dynamite’s success. The female musician then also praised the BTS fan community: “I went on Twitter and checked all the fan tweets from the ARMY — and I’ve never, ever come across a fan base like BTS’ fanbase. They’re absolutely incredible, they’re like this huge, huge family”.

In another development, also related to Katy Perry, recently, the audience discovered that the female singer had just added the song Dynamite to the favorites list on Spotify. As can be seen, BTS’s disco pop melodies have made the singer “addicted” and she has to put ‘Dynamite’ on the favorite list next to the hits of Madonna, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, … Besides, in a recent interview, Katy Perry also said that she also likes to work with Kpop artists, but has to wait for a really good song, not just want to cooperate with the trend. Katy Perry fans in Vietnam do not seem excited about this “hint”.

A lot of fans are still upset about BTS fans criticizing Katy Perry for a innocuous joke a while ago. At that time, Katy Perry asked the audience: “Surely all of you have to stay up through the night?” made BTS fans “touch narcissism” because they thought that the singer sarcastically they were young children should not stay up late (?!). Many people also claimed that they didn’t not see the similarity between the two songs.

Some US-UK viewers criticized Dynamite when comparing this song to the song Firework. Others were also sarcastic that BTS had to release six remixes and lower the single to $0.69 to stay in the #1 Billboard Hot 100.

Can we look forward to a collaborative music product between Katy Perry and BTS in the future? If so, it would definitely be a playful, positive, and energetic product like their style.

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