A site to check on celebrities who support feminism: The President is a “pioneer” feminist, and BTS is a “confirmed” feminist

Recently, a site that measures the possibility of many politicians, actors, and singers being feminists was opened that shocked everyone.

On August 12, many online communities and SNS sites spread the posts containing a captured photo of a website, saying, “A website to check the FEMI has appeared.”

A site to check on celebrities who support feminism: The President is a "pioneer" feminist, and BTS is a "confirmed" feminist

According to the post, a website name “Check FEMI” in which sorted out the famous people into different categories such as “suspicious”, “confirmed”, and “pioneer”. This website listed out the remarks, activities, and photos of famous YouTubers, politicians, idol singers, and writers.

On the website, President Moon Jae In and former Mayor of Seoul, Park Won Soon, are listed as feminists under the “pioneer” category. BTS’s leader, RM, is listed as “confirmed” because he read books about feminism.

Actor Kwon Hae Hyo, Youtubers Baelina, writer Gong Ji Young and Kwak Jeong are also mentioned as “pioneers”. Announcer Im Hyun Joo; actor Kim Seo Hyung, Suzy, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Hye Soo, Han Ye Ri, and Moon So Ri; singer Sunmi, HATFELT’s Baek Ye Eun, and Red Velvet’s Joy are “confirmed” feminists. Actor Jung Woo Sung, entertainer Yoo Byung Jae, and singer Lee Hi are suspected to be feminists.

The website administrators posted a notice to explain the criteria for their classification, saying, “This site is a list of feminists. We divided the celebrities into 3 categories such as “suspicious”, “confirmed”, and “pioneer”, depending on their information.” They also said, “Since the list is categorized purely based on their activities, the level of criticism they receive may vary depending on the categories they are classified.”

On the website’s administrators also left their comments saying, “Let’s defeat the feminists.”, and “Thank you for allowing me to filter the feminists like this.”

On the other hand, controversies continue as many people think it is inappropriate to criticize the idea of supporting feminism. Some people responded by mocking the website saying, “You just one to gain some fame”, “At least you did choose beautiful photos of them”, “You really put in too much hard work, didn’t you?”, “What if these anti-fans turn out to be the real fans?”

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