The 6-year friendship of Jeon Somi and TWICE Chaeyoung

Although they are no longer under the same management company, Jeon Somi and Chaeyoung (TWICE) are still good friends.

In scandalous Kbiz, there are still many artists who are close friends, even though they are in two rival companies. Such as Jeon Somi and Chaeyoung (TWICE). They have known each other for 6 years. Until now, even though they are not working under the same company anymore, the two still keep in touch and support each other regularly.

Somi Chaeyoung

Recently, Jeon Somi released her first solo album called XOXO. To promote this product, she created a dance challenge for a part of the song XOXO. Chaeyoung also quickly supported her close friend by participating in the challenge. What’s even more special is that TWICE members went directly to The Black Label – Somi’s company headquarters.

Even though she only shot a simple dance video, Chaeyoung still took time to go to Somi’s company. This shows the precious feelings that the female idol has for Somi. On the other hand, receiving the support of the close senior, Somi also expressed her happiness.

Somi Chaeyoung

Before that, when attending the reality show I Am Somi, Chaeyoung once confided about the reason she likes to be friends with Somi. She shared: “Firstly, you have a different personality than me, I don’t talk much and you are always full of energy. Second, I feel comfortable when being with you. I can’t meet people who make me feel uncomfortable.”

Somi Chaeyoung

Although Chaeyoung is a quiet person, Somi always understands her feelings very well. The TWICE member is even amazed at how well Somi understands what she’s thinking. The two girls are close to each other even more because of their differences in personality and behavior.

Somi Chaeyoung

It is known that the two have known each other since 2015 when they participated in the survival show SIXTEEN of JYP Entertainment. Later, Chaeyoung debuted with TWICE, and Somi left the company and moved to The Black Label. Although they do not work in the same place, the two still keep in touch.

Somi Chaeyoung
Somi Chaeyoung

There were rumors circulating a while back that Somi and TWICE members had a bad relationship. It all stemmed from Somi’s inability to debut and eventual departure from the company. She unfollowed TWICE’s Instagram account at the time, but the JYP female group kept following Somi.

Somi was once suspected of intentionally mocking TWICE. Specifically, the XOXO vocalist shared the SOLO photo of Jennie #1 on the chart. Yes Or Yes had only reached number two at the time. Although fans thought Somi was supporting both Jennie and TWICE, Knet was dissatisfied by her actions.

Somi Chaeyoung

But then, many fans caught the female idol and JYP girls happily greeting each other at the airport. Fans still hope that the two are close friends.

Currently, Jeon Somi is actively promoting her first solo album. While Chaeyoung is also working hard for the upcoming comeback with TWICE. Accordingly, the group is preparing to return to the K-pop race with a new product called Formula Of Love: O + T = <3.


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