Chungha said she’s 42kg but shocked netizens with her extremely skinny body

Chungha recently released a new song. However, netizens are focusing more on her skinny look.

In her photos on Instagram, Chungha gave various poses in a tank top that reveals her skinny arms. Chungha is known to maintain her weight at around 42kg. She appeared on a broadcast of SBS’s Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time, which was aired in 2018, and received a question from a listener, asking, “You once said you are about 42-43kg, but are you still maintaining that range?”. In response, Chungha said, “I’m still weighing that much. However, that weight is quite too much for me since I’m short.”

Chungha weight

Then, Chungha also gave a diet tip, saying, “If you are stressed out due to dieting, I’ll show you how. Binge eating is not good for your health. When you got stressed out while dieting, I think it would be better for you to recharge with something sweet.”

Chungha weight

Meanwhile, Chungha released a new special single “Killing Me” through online music sites at 6 P.M on November 29th. “Killing Me” is an uptempo pop song that emphasizes Chungha’s rhythmical vocals through synth and minimal production in the chorus section. In the chorus part, various variations and ad-libs were added to show different colors of her vocal.

Participating in writing the lyrics this time, Chungha compared the repetitive daily life, the helplessness, and endlessness of the frustrating situation when you cannot see the end of the tunnel. Moreover, she also delivers a hopeful message that shining light is waiting for us at the end of the long tunnel.

Killing Me’ is a comeback song of Chungha 9 months after the release of her first full album ‘Querencia’ in February.

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