Choi Min-hwan And Yulhee’s SNS Updates After Divorce: Working Hard & Enjoying Leisure Time

While Choi Min-hwan is focusing on F.T. Island activities after divorce, Yulhee also delivered her whereabouts

Yulhee recently updated her SNS account for the first time after announcing her divorce from Choi Min-hwan on December 4th. She made a post with the caption, “Not long ago”. 

Yulhee shared photos of her standing next to a Christmas tree and a scene of snow falling. She drew netizens’ attention by revealing her bright and cheerful appearance as if she was enjoying the pleasant atmosphere during her leisure time at the end of the year.


Choi Min-hwan has also been actively sharing his daily life moments on social media. On the 13th, he uploaded a short video of him taking a photo with F.T. Island members Lee Hong-ki and Lee Jae-jin. Fans were very happy to see the scene showing the members standing side by side and doing lovely poses because it looks like a family photo.

Since then, Choi Min-hwan has continuously uploaded photos of F.T. Island concert and other posts related to the group. Choi Min-hwan is still working hard for his music career as he participated in the 2023 remake of his own band F.T. Island’s hit song “Meeting” (2007) and performed at FNC concert “2023 FNC Kingdom” held in Japan on the 16th and 17th.

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Meanwhile, Choi Min-hwan and Yulhee got married in 2018 and drew attention as “the youngest idol couple” in the entertainment industry. Having one son and two daughters, the two have appeared on various entertainment shows and YouTube content to reveal the daily life of their family.

Earlier on the 4th, Choi Min-hwan and Yulhee shocked everyone when they announced their divorce through their personal SNS accounts. The two are currently completing their divorce procedure and Choi Min-hwan has agreed to take custody of the three kids.

Source: Daum

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