Despite having submitted 3 mobile phones, Jung Joon Young’s house is still being searched by police

Along with Jung Joon Young whose house is searched by the police, Kim – Burning Sun club employee, is also a familiar face of the “dark group chat”.

The special detective department of the Seoul Police Department received a search warrant and seizure against the home of Jung Joon Young and Mr. Kim. Mr. Kim is an employee of Burning Sun and is a familiar face of the “dark group chat”, where illegal hidden images and sex videos are shared among 8 members including Seungri and Jung Joon Young. It was also reported that Kim himself installed a hidden camera.

Police began searching the home of Jung Joon Young and Mr. Kim around 2 pm (Korean time). The search took place after Jung Joon Young’s 21-hour interrogation at the police station.

During the investigation, Jung Joon Young handed over three mobile phones. These mobile phones are currently undergoing examination and inspection. However, doubting Joon Young still keeps the old phones that are no longer in use, the police have issued the search and seizure orders. In addition, the police also said the arrest warrant will soon be issued.

Meanwhile, former member F.T. ISLAND Choi Jong Hoon was summoned for investigation because of suspicion regarding illegally filming at 10 am on March 16 (Korean time).

Currently, after being exposed, Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and Choi Jong Hoon all announced to stop their entertainment activities. The most powerful member in the chat room was also revealed.

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