Lee Ji-ah, “attacks may come from outer space” – the reason she reads disaster warning texts

Actress Lee Ji-ah showed off her mania for science fiction.

On the JTBC entertainment program ‘The Sea Of Hope’ broadcast on the 27th, Lee Ji-ah, actress Kim Go-eun, and Blackpink Rosé had a conversation about Disaster Warning Text Messages.

Lee Ji-ah, "attacks may come from outer space" - the reason she reads disaster warning texts

Rosé joked, “I’m afraid Zombie Apocalypse, so I turn on the disaster message.” Kim Go-eun sympathized, “That’s what I thought after I saw the zombie movie ‘28 Days Later.’”

Lee Ji-ah heard this and added, “Last year, the U.S. government admitted that there were aliens. I think there must be a reason.”

Then, she continued, “It seems that something is going to happen. You have to keep watching the disaster messages,” and “There may be attacks from outer space.”

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-ah has been engulfed in alien theories from the beginning of her debut. In the past broadcast, she once said, “Compared to my popularity, the disappearance of my past photos and my acquaintances are even more noticed, theories of aliens, vampires, CG, etc. are being built up.” She said, “But it’s not true. I thought that’s all silly, but there are a lot of people who believe it.” She clarified.

Check the video of them below.

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