Kang Mi-na shows off her chemistry with Kwak Si-yang and amazes fans with her perfect body figure in bikini 

Kang Mi-na, a former member of Gugudan, revealed a friendly two-shot photo taken with actor Kwak Si-yang.

Kang Mi-na posted a photo on August 10th along with the caption “The photo of the problem broadcast yesterday”.

Kang Mi-na is performing a love line with Kwak Si-yang in KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Café Minamdang”. The released picture shows the two taking a couple selfie in the drama. Kang Mi-na was seen holding the arms of Kwak Si-yang affectionately.

She then uploaded another photo with the caption “Jjuni♥Kkongyi”, the two’s nicknames in the drama. Kwak Si-yang and Kang Mi-na in the picture created a warm feeling with their heart-fluttering height difference. With her 164cm tall, Kang Mi-na is not short at all but she looks tiny and cute next to Kwak Si-yang, who boasts a tall height of 187cm.

Fans also showed enthusiastic responses to Kang Mi-na’s chemistry with Kwak Si-yang.

Meanwhile, Kang Mi-na also drew attention when she released some photos flaunting her sexy body in a bikini on August 9th.

Source: naver

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