6 most outstanding guest appearances in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

Other than the main characters, side stories of guest actors in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” also adds to the charm of the drama. 

As “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” introduces different cases and different character for each of them, there are many outstanding and interesting guest appearances, and below are some of the most remarkable.  

Shin Ha Young – Episode 2

In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Shin Ha Young appeared as an unlucky bride whose dress slipped off right in the middle of her wedding. As a result, her father tried to sue the wedding venue, as they prepared the dress. As it turns out, however, the bride was not in love with the man she’s marrying, and was dating another woman. 

Shin Ha Young previously appeared in TV series like “Mouse” and “Private Lives”

Moon Sang Hoon – Episode 3

Episode 3 shows actor Moon Sang Hoon playing an austistic character who was accused of killing his own brother. This character is extremely fond of the animated Penguin Pengsoo, and so to communicate with him effectively, the Hanbada lawyers had to dance and sing to Pengsoo’s music, creating a funny scene. 

Moon Sang Hoon previously appeared in Netflix K-drama “D.P”

Kim Hieora – Episode 6

In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Kim Hieora plays the North Korean woman Gye Hyang Sim, whose love for her daughter and emotional story managed to sway the heart of female lead Woo Young Woo and her colleague, “Spring Sunshine” Choi Soo Yeon. They promptly decided to help her fight against her charges. 

Surprisingly, Kim Hieora’s previous role in “Bad and Crazy” brings a completely different image, as the actress transformed into the head of a drug cartel with the coldest eyes. 

Koo Kyo Hwan – Episode 9

Perhaps the most favorite guest character as of date, Koo Kyo Hwan’s character in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” introduced himself as “the Commander-in-Chief of the Children’s Liberation Army, Bang Gu Ppong”. With Bang Gu Ppong being a word play on “fart”. 

Instead of taking the students to the studying center, he drove the bus to take them to a picnic because he wanted them to relax and have fun, rather than spend all their time studying.

Koo Kyo Hwan is the star of the TV series “D.P” on Netflix. He works perfectly with Jung Hae In to form an attractive couple. One of his most recent projects is the blockbuster Escape From Mogadishu, with an impressive role as well. At the prestigious Baeksang Awards in 2022, Koo Kyo Hwan received the Best New Actor award for his perfect performance.

Oh Hye Soo – Episode 10

Oh Hye Soo plays a girl from a rich family. However, she has an intellectual disability. She has a boyfriend and dates him, but because she obeys her mother, she accuses him of rape.

Perhaps many viewers will be surprised to realize that Oh Hye Soo once appeared in “All Of Us Are Dead”. She plays a bullied schoolgirl at the beginning of the series. After being attacked by a zombie, she turned into a half-zombie and became much stronger.

Seo Hye Won – Episode 11

Episode 11 of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is about a man. He and his friends make the commitment to divide lottery winnings equally among all of them, regardless of who wins. He gave the impression that he was a loyal husband, but in reality, he was having an affair. His mistress is played by actress Seo Hye Won.

Seo Hye Won is the supporting actress who is most familiar with the audience this year. She appeared in three successful dramas this year with admirable ratings. In “Business Proposal”, Seo Hye Won plays Jin Young Seo’s cousin. The actress also appeared in “Alchemy of Souls” as a scammer who pretends to be blind.

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