Hwasa revealed her whereabouts, preparing for a “California style summer vacation” (I Live Alone)

Hwasa updated on her current situation.

Hwasa’s diligent movement was shown on the August 12th broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone”.

Hwasa, who appeared on the show for the first time in a while, said, “I went overseas a lot”, revealing that she has been doing activities that she couldn’t do because of the Covid-19. Seeing Hwasa’s appearance when cleaning her house, Park Na-rae said, “You kinda look like an American auntie. American aunties wear pants like that a lot”. Hwasa responded, “It looks a little bit like that concept”, and burst into laughter. Hwasa said, “In the past, I liked lying down like an unemployed person”, and showed her diligent movement.

While packing her travel luggage, Hwasa said, “California vibe. It’s a day to enjoy my summer vacation. I’ve been wearing achromatic-colored clothes or sweatsuits but some cool guys are also coming. The friends whom I go with like colorful style.

Source: nate

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