Park Eun-bin’s agency to respond firmly to illegal fanmeeting ticket transactions, “We will proceed with forced cancellations without prior notice”

As actress Park Eun-bin will be holding her first solo fanmeeting in 27 years, her agency Namoo Actors also plans to take firm responses to illegal ticket transactions.

On August 12th, Namoo Actors said on their official SNS accounts, “We have checked the situation in which tickets for 2022 Park Eun-bin 1st FAN MEETING <Eun-bin Note: Bin’s Space> are being sold on personal SNS accounts and other transaction websites”, reminding fans to be careful.

Park Eun-bin

The agency continued, “Those who have made reservations and transactions through illegal methods, such as purchases through other channels, malicious transfers and deals at higher prices than the original price, and macro reservations, please report them to us by referring to the information below”, instructing fans how to report illegal ticket transactions.

In the meantime, they said, “As we are planning to proceed with forced cancellations without prior notice of illegal ticket reservations, we ask for your cooperation so that fans can make reservations only on the official ticketing website.”

park eun bin

Meanwhile, Park Eun-bin’s first solo fanmeeting “2022 Park Eun-bin 1st FAN MEETING <Eun-bin Note: Bin’s Space>” will be held on September 3rd at Unjeong Green Campus Main Hall of Sungshin Women’s University in Seoungbuk-gu, Seoul.

Source: nate

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