Childhood photos of this global superstar are drawing keen attention online

Childhood photos of this star have become a hot topic. She is model-actress Jung Ho-yeon, who has now fully established herself as a global star.

Recently, a post titled, “She has grown up like that, Jung Ho-yeon’s childhood” was uploaded on various online communities, such as theqoo, attracting attention. This post contained several childhood photos released on Jung Ho-yeon’s Instagram and broadcasts in the past.

In these photos, Jung Ho-yeon showed off her unique charm as she made humorous expressions. In addition, her facial features were so distinctive that she looked similar to her appearance at the moment. Especially, she has boasted an extraordinary height since she was young, confirming that she was born to be a model. In the photo taken with friends at a school’s arts festival, Jung Ho-yeon stood out as she was taller than most of her friends.

jung ho yeon
jung ho yeon

Jung Ho-yeon, who made her debut as an actor through Netflix’s global hit series “Squid Game”, made her name be known in earnest after competing on Korea’s Next Top Model Season 4 in 2013 and tied for second place.

Apart from many fashion shows by domestic designers, Jung Ho-yeon has grown into a world-class model by participating in various shows of luxury brands and campaigns overseas. In 2018, she made it to the TOP 50 in the World’s Female Model Rankings, attracting keen attention in the industry.


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