“Caught” Squid Game’s beauty happily singing karaoke in a private room with The Weeknd!

Fans tried to make them a couple when these images were released. 

Recently, The Weeknd has released the MV “Out Of Time” as the third single for the studio album “Dawn FM”. “Out Of Time” is a city pop r&b track with lyrics that describe how The Weeknd’s past pain with an ex has affected the romance in a real-life relationship.

Specially, The Weeknd even invited Jung Ho Yeon, the beauty from the blockbuster “Squid Game”, to participate in the MV “Out Of Time” as the female lead. It can be seen that, after the success of “Squid Game”, the name Jung Ho Yeon has become more and more synonymous.

The Weeknd – Out of Time

In the MV, The Weeknd bumps into Jung Ho Yeon in an empty hotel and immediately become “best friends”. They played around the hotel and sang karaoke together. Most of the scenes in the MV “Out Of Time” focus on depicting the karaoke moment between the two. 

However, a “plot twist” occurs in the final moments when The Weeknd realizes it was all just an illusion he had in mind. When returning to reality, he is just an old man lying on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask over his face. This “aging” image is also the main image that The Weeknd built throughout the promotion for the Dawn FM album.

jung ho yeon
The Weeknd returns to reality as an old man.
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