Actress Park Han Byul returned to SNS after 3 years since her husband got involved in the Burning Sun scandal 

Previously, the actress disappeared from social media due to her husband’s controversies. 

Recently on May 16th, actress Park Han Byul posted new photos of herself in Jeju Island on her Instagram, which has been inactive for 3 years. 

The photos show her leisurely enjoying time alone on Jeju Island, whilst dressed in a simple white dress against a rustic background. The actress’s bright happy smile truly highlights her visuals, creating an overall lovely image. 

Previously, Park Han Byul settled down in Jeju Island in 2020. Her husband Yoo In Seok was the former CEO of Yuri Holdings – the company involved in the Burning Sun scandal, alongside famous Kpop idol Seungri. After the case, Han Byul and her husband decided to move to Jeju for a quiet life and quitted social media for a while. 

Park Han Byul
Seungri and Yoo In Seok

Source: Nate

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