Netizens panicked at misleading photos of BLACKPINK Rosé

Rosé’s new series of photos made fans panic at first glance but later fell in love with her real-life beauty.

Rosé (BLACKPINK) is famous for her gentle and feminine image.  She rarely shows off her body on her personal page.  But the “Australian rose” made netizens panic when she showed off a series of photos that looked like she was only wearing a sweater and … not wearing pants on her Instagram. 

The female idol released a series of behind-the-scenes photos while filming the MV.  However, her image shocked the fans.  Although the images of Rosé wearing a loose sweater, showing off long legs caused a stir throughout the forums, the shooting angle made many people think that Rosé posted semi-nude photos on her personal page.  Turns out, it was just because the black pants were too short.

If only at first glance, it feels like the female idol only wears a sweater even though this outfit shows off her extremely long legs.
But fortunately, Rosé still wears pants, just the too-short pants and the angle of shooting made fans panic.
Her beautiful images are causing a stir on all social networks platforms

Source: K14

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