BTS’s Jungkook and actress Lee Yoo Bi respond to rumors that they’re dating

SNS was taken by storm by the news that BTS’s Jungkook has been dating actress Lee Yoo Bi since 2018.

Dating reports of BTS’s Jungkook and actress Lee Yoo Bi have created a stir among Korean fans. Accordingly, a YouTuber has raised suspicions that Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi have been in a relationship since 2018, but recently the two have only publicly expressed their feelings towards one another.

Specifically, dating evidence given by this YouTuber is mostly based on “Lovestagram”. First, Lee Yoo Bi is known to be a fan of Jungkook, she often captions her posts with purple heart emojis on SNS. Purple is the symbol color of BTS.

Next, on the night Jungkook returned to Korea after finishing his schedule in the US, Lee Yoo Bi posted a photo of her hangout with a heart emoji. The third proof is that the two were spotted wearing the same “Man to Man” shirt and couple bracelets.

BTS’s Jungkook and actress Lee Yoo Bi respond to rumors that they’re dating

Another notable detail is that Lee Yoo Bi once shared her ideal type is someone with beautiful, masculine eyes and September is her favorite month. Coincidentally, Jungkook’s birthday is in September. Finally, the YouTuber pointed out that Jungkook’s brother and Lee Yoo Bi’s younger brother followed each other on SNS.

This YouTuber often posts rumors related to BTS, NCT and other famous idol groups. Previously, BTS’s V announced that he would personally sue this person for fabricating rumors about celebrities.

Currently, both Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi have denied the dating rumor. The stance of both of their reps is “the rumor is groundless and untrue “.

This is the second time BTS gets embroiled in dating rumors within this year. Earlier, V was suspected of dating the daughter of a big hotel chain after visiting an exhibition. BTS’s image is constantly being affected by rumors created from baseless speculations.

V, as well as BTS’s management company, are planning to implement stronger actions against false and malicious rumors. Big Hit Music announced in June that it will be taking legal action against the authors of malicious posts containing defamatory, abusive, sexually harassing content, false and malicious slander against BTS. Big Hit Music has completed the complaints of defamation (Act on the promotion of the use of information and communication networks and information protection, etc. Article 70) and insult (Article 311 of the Criminal Law), etc. Strict measures without leniency or agreement were declared. Big Hit Music plans to intensify legal actions on a regular basis every quarter.

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