She looks serious… Jennie arrived in Korea with her face fully covered as if she was uneasy

BLACKPINK Jennie returned to Korea dressed in a so-called “completely cover-up” fashion.

Jennie waved her hand to the reporters but she looked somewhat anxious as if she was feeling uncomfortable. She quickly left the airport with her bodyguards.

Jennie has recently been embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship with BTS member V. Since a series of affectionate daily photos of a man and a woman believed to be V and Jennie were released one after another, netizens kept raising speculations on whether the two are dating or not. Many people also suspected that Jennie and V got hacked. 

Until now, both agencies have not released any specific positions on this issue. Meanwhile, fans are worried that Jennie has been stressed out due to the recent dating rumors.

Source: nate

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