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BTS V Shines as a Variety Show Ace, Dances to Girl Group Songs on “Running Man”

BTS member V recently appeared as a guest on SBS’s “Running Man.”

BTS V participated in the “Soap Bubble Mission” with ”Running Man” members. They had to pass obstacles on a soapy floor to collect coins. When V stepped onto the slippery floor for the first time, he effortlessly delivered a hilarious physical comedy, making everyone laugh. “Running Man” members commented, “He’s good at physical comedy,” and “V has some hidden talents.”

As the main mission began, “Running Man” members displayed their determination to reach the coins. Kim Jong Kook showcased his undeniable strength and dominated those around him. Song Ji Hyo adopted a strategy of sticking closely to other members to aim for coin collection.

On the other hand, Yoo Jae Suk attempted to navigate the obstacles with speed and agility but encountered an unexpected accident, causing chaos.’

BTS V Shines as a Variety Show Ace

V, although nervous at first and saying, “I’ll avoid Jong Kook hyung,” transformed into a human curling stone, surprising ”Running Man” members, the veterans of variety shows. He completely shook up the competition. “Running Man” members exclaimed, “We only see V,” praising his variety skills.

BTS V Shines as a Variety Show Ace

Not only that, a dance performance took place on the soapy floor, with Yoo Jae Suk reenacting girl group dances to boost the energy. V also performed the choreography to trendy 4th gen girl group songs like NewJeans’ Hype boy, LE SSERAFIM’s Eve, Psyche, and the Wife with Blue Beards, and StayC’s Teddy Bear.

BTS V Shines as a Variety Show Ace

V’s entertaining moments will be pre-released online on September 9th on the “Running Man” YouTube channel. This week’s “Running Man” will be broadcasted on 6:10 PM KST on Sunday, September 10.

Source: Daum.

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