BTS Jungkook’s “throwing up” expression when watching MAMAMOO and Han Yeseul and the truth behind

Korean netizens completely sided with Jungkook this times when the controversial images of the male idol’s attitude towards other artists at the MAMA 2019 awards ceremony became a topic.

Jungkook is famous as a polite and polite idol to his colleagues. But the youngest BTS member suddenly got into a controversy with colleagues at the year-end awards ceremony.

Specifically, a social media account posted the video of Jungkook reacting to MAMAMOO’s stage when it was Hwasa’s turn and wrote, “When watching MAMAMOO’s performance, Jungkook suddenly turned around and put his hand up. He not only judged their appearance but also acted like he was pretending to throw up.”

Not only was the male idol accused of mocking Hwasa’s appearance, some netizens also criticized Jungkook’s reaction to actress Han Yeseul when she appeared with a nose piercing at the GDA Awards 2020. The male idol put his hand on the position of Han Yeseul’s piercing and turned to other members, through which they thought he was judging her.

With the accusations from some accounts on social media and some Korean newspapers, the fans sought evidence to prove his innocence. Accordingly, Jungkook’s expression when watching MAMAMOO at 2019 MAMA was actually because he was … choking on water and the male idol only turned around to tell the other members. Moreover at GDA, the male idol was also not being sarcastic about Han Yeseul’s nose piercing but only expressed his surprise at her appearance.

A lot of Korean netizens also sided with this youngest member of BTS and thought that it was the antifans who made a plan to destroy his reputation. They commented:

“How does that look anything like he was putting down their looks? Controversies are started by journalists ㅠㅠㅠ they’re really using this as an opportunity to defame him.”

“He choked on his water and then asked if his face was red because of it. The members laughed. How does that look like he was putting someone’s looks down? Enough.”

“This is so forced… just seems like people are trying to take BTS down for anything because they’re so popular now.”

“Jungkook is not a fool. He knows that fans are filming his reactions to other stages, why would he act like that? Don’t make up stories just to try and take him down. The post must’ve been written by a Jungkook antifan.”

“It looks like he was just asking his members if they saw her nose piercing, how is that being sarcastic about her?”

“This was the first time in Korean history that an actress made an appearance at an award ceremony with a nose piercing, Jungkook wasn’t the only one who was surprised that night ㅋㅋㅋ can’t believe this has become an issue.”

“It doesn’t even look like he was mocking her, it looks like he was just talking about her nose piercing.”

“I never saw the clip but I can tell just from the photos that he wasn’t mocking anything.”

Sources: netizenbuzz

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