BTS fanclub to plan a donation campaign in the celebration of J-Hope’s birthday

ARMYs (BTS’s fanclub)’s Social Campaign Team “Adorable Wave” will hold a donation campaign.


To celebrate the birthday of BTS member J-Hope, “Adorable Wave” will hold the points donation campaign “Children Are Your Hope, You Are Children’s Hope” together with the Korean Welfare Services.

“Adorable Wave”, which means small waves gather to warm the world, has conducted various donation campaigns since last year in celebration of BTS members’ birthdays. The campaign this time will be run from Feb 8th to Feb 18th on “Adorable Wave” Twitter, and anyone can join the points donation on the website of the Korean Welfare Services.

The fundraising amount will be used to cover childcare expenses, education expenses, and psychological and emotional support exepnses for children, who were victims of child abuse, living in the shelter “Children’s Dream” in Gwangju, J-Hope’s hometown.

Adorable Wave

Adorable Wave said, “We are trying to hold donation activities that anyone can easily and joyfully join in daily life”, adding, “In the future, we will continue to share warm love with fans who support BTS”.

Points Donation conducted by the Korean Welfare Services is a method of collecting points from cards or memberships and donating them to underprivileged people. By clicking the banner or the right menu button on the website of the Korean Welfare Services and undergoing a mobile phone identity authentication process, anyone can easily join the donation. 

The Korean Welfare Services is a social welfare corporation specializing in child welfare. It was established in 1954 and is taking the lead in protecting and supporting underprivileged people, including infants, children, disabled children, adolescents, single-parent families, and old people,  nationwide.

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