“Boys Planet” Oh Sung Min Exploded Due to Conflict between Chinese Trainees, “My Mentality is Affected”

K-Group trainee Oh Sung Min expressed his frustration with the conflict among the Chinese trainees of G-Group.

Oh Seong-min

“Rush Hour” team began to have issues during their practice. Ma Jing Xiang practiced the choreography alone, ignoring the other trainees who were waiting for their leader.

When Hiroto tried to intervene, Ma Jing Xiang argued that they should focus on practicing rather than changing their formation, saying that they had limited time to prepare.

Ricky, however, disagreed with Ma Jing Xiang’s approach and criticized his lack of consideration for the team’s needs. Oh Sung Min eventually joined the conversation, expressing his frustration with both Ricky and Ma Jing Xiang’s attitudes.

Oh Seong-min

Ricky argued that being a leader did not mean dictating everything and that he was actively contributing ideas for the team. However, Ma Jing Xiang countered by asking if continuously changing their formation was a sign of hard work.

Frustrated by the situation, Oh Sung Min said, “You’re so angry right now. We can’t do this.”

The conflict between Ricky and Ma Jing Xiang escalated, and Takuto could no longer bear the tense atmosphere, so he burst into tears. Oh Sung Min also expressed his dismay with Ma Jing Xiang’s communication style, stating that it had affected his mentality.

Source: Daum

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