“Sending supporting fire with one mind”… Joo Won, the greatest SNS support ever

Actors from Studio Santa Claus united with the greatest SNS support ever to cheer for Joo Won, who returned with “Carter”.

On August 8th, Studio Santa Claus released “loyal” SNS support certifications of the agency’s actors for Joo Won. Actors Park Se-wan, Choi Tae-joon, Min Jin-woong, Ryu Kyung-soo, Kang Byul, Park Geon-il, Jang Hee-ryung, Im Jae-hyuk, Lim Hyun-ju, Lee E-dam, Oh Hye-soo, Lee Won-jeong, Kwon Seung-woo, Jung Hwan, Lee Soo-woong, Ryu Sung-rok and Hwang Bo-woon attracted attention by encouraging viewers to watch Netflix’s movie “Carter” and expressing affection towards Joo Won.


First of all, “Carter” is a real-time action film in which Carter (Joo Won), who is put into a mysterious operation, must regain his identity and succeed in his mission within a given time. In particular, Joo Won drew attention for his overwhelming action scenes that exceeded the limit in extreme situations through “Carter”.

Regarding this, Park Se-wan expressed her anticipation by saying, “Let’s go.” Choi Tae-joon and Ryu Kyung-soo also delivered good energy by saying that they were waiting for the release time together with the teaser poster. On top of that, Lim Hyun-ju expressed her excitement on the day of the release, “We have to watch Carter tonight.”

Actress Park Se-wan

In addition, Im Jae-hyuk, who posted a certification after the release of “Carter”, shared “I pressed play as soon as it came out”, making it possible to see how long he waited for the release. Lee E-dam’s “Finally, Carter” and Lee Won-jeong’s “Let’s go Carter” announced the beginning of the running time.

On the other hand, Min Jin-woong admired the blood and sweat that embodied the visuals in “Carter” along with a picture of Joo Won on the beach. Kang Byul was also surprised to see Joo Won become one with his character, “How long are you going to be cool?” Oh Hye-soo joined the cheering by uploading a viewing authentication with the caption “King of action movies”. Ryu Sung-rok and Hwang Bo-woon also exclaimed, “Wow Carter.” 

joo won

As such, Studio Santa Claus’ actors not only came forward to support Joo Won and Netflix’s movie “Carter” but also impressed with congratulations and sincere messages. Seniors and juniors under the same agency showed off their strong loyalty by sending supporting fire towards Joo Won with one mind.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s movie “Carter” starring Joo Won can only be found on Netflix.

Source: daum

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