BoA & Sandara Park talk about working in the music industry for a long time, “The PD comes to my waiting room to greet me”

Singers BoA and Sandara Park empathized with each other over their long years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Singer Sandara Park appeared on the July 22nd broadcast of JTBC’s global music show “K-909”.

In the show, Sandara Park introduced herself, saying “I’m Sandara Park, a rookie singer who just made a hot solo debut”.

BoA Sandara Park

BoA welcomed Sandara Park and said, “I don’t think we’ve seen each other much even in private or at work”. In response, Sandara Park smiled and said, “We actually met during ‘The Fan’. I followed you on SNS after then but you didn’t follow me back”. Hearing that BoA replied, “Really? I should go down the stage and follow you right away”.

BoA then said, “This is your first solo activity in Korea. I didn’t know you would be this nervous.” She then told Sandara Park about how music broadcast activities have changed from the past.

BoA Sandara Park

BoA shared, “We’ve been in the entertainment industry for years so the directors greet us when we come down the stage”. Sandara Park added, “That’s right. The PD even came to my waiting room”.

Yugyeom, another guest on the show that day, commented, “Both of you are so amazing. I haven’t experienced it yet. I’ll try to hang in there and survive (in the industry) for a long time.”

Source: Nate

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