Blockberry’s irrationality is only affecting LOONA, still no reaction to the members’ ambiguous comments

Blockberry has indefinitely postponed LOONA’s comeback scheduled for January next year amid controversy over member Chuu.

LOONA is facing the worst situation of an indefinite hiatus after member Chuu was kicked out. This is the result of their agency’s irrationality in trying to push ahead with their comeback in January next year, leaving public opinion and the members’ feelings behind.

Blockberry Creative (hereinafter referred to as Blockberry) officially announced the postponement of LOONA’s comeback on its official fancafe on Dec 22nd. Blockberry said, “We have reached the conclusion that comeback activities would be meaningless when various concerns about the members’ situation are still not resolved, so we decided to postpone “The Origin Album 0″ of LOONA, which was scheduled to be released on January 3rd next year, indefinitely.”

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This shocking decision to postpone all schedules indefinitely just 10 days before the comeback is the aftermath of member Chuu’s controversy. On Nov 25th, Blockberry kicked Chuu out of LOONA, claiming that she had been power-tripping and verbally abusing the staff. The problem started afterward as people around Chuu seemed to refute the agency’s position by posting their supportive messages for the ex-LOONA member.

In particular, the most influential thing on the current public opinion was what the LOONA members said. Shortly after Chuu’s departure was announced, LOONA member Hyun Jin said through the fan communication platform, “My head hurts. My heart hurts and I’m angry. I’m really angry. Chuu must be more heartbroken than anyone else at the moment.” She seemed to be defending Chuu by saying, “Please support Chuu and love her lots.”

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Member Ha Seul also posted an ambiguous post on LOONA’s official fan cafe on Dec 15th. “I don’t know what to say anymore. In this situation, all I can say to ORBIT is that I love you guys. I believe ORBIT knows that I can’t say anything now. I hope that someday, this moment will remain a memory only and the day will come when we will can talk face to face. And above all, ORBIT, I love you a lot. Let’s promise to be there for each other. I’ll protect you. I love you,” she wrote. Most of the comments agreed that Ha Seul’s post was also an indirect expression of her feelings about the situation as public opinion was leaning towards Chuu.

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Amid the chaotic situation, Blockberry’s irrationality peaked. It suddenly announced the comeback of LOONA on January 3rd next year amid a situation that hasn’t been properly resolved. Even at the time, Blockberry raised curiosity by launching a comeback promotion with phrases that completely excluded Chuu, such as “the first 11-member comeback” and “a new start.” Regardless of whether the accusation was true or not, it was a wrong move that didn’t help it gain anything amid the confused public opinion surrounding Chuu’s case.

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Blockberry, which initially expressed its intention not to even host a media showcase on the day of LOONA’s supposed comeback, eventually stopped all comeback promotions and decided to postpone the comeback indefinitely as the situation intensified.

Amid the indefinite postponement of the comeback, Blockberry stressed, “We hope everyone will continue to cheer for the dream and future of LOONA.” However, if it still respects the future of the remaining 11 members, shouldn’t a proper explanation and active handling of the situation be the agency’s priority? It should not be forgotten that the biggest victims of this incident are not Chuu or the agency, but the remaining 11 members of LOONA.


Source: Hankook Ilbo

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