IVE and TWICE: top Kpop girl groups who endure the same criticisms?

From encore singing to magazine covers, IVE and TWICE may bear more resemblances than one may think. 

IVE and TWICE are both highly popular Kpop girl groups. Despite debuting 6 years later than their senior group and under different companies, however, it seems that IVE highly resembles TWICE.

IVE endured the same criticisms as TWICE. 

Debut in late 2021, IVE quickly drew attention from the audience with their outstanding visuals, as well as the inclusion of 2 former IZ*ONE member Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin. However, the group soon faced criticism over their live singing ability, especially during encore stages. In particular, when the group sang their debut song “Eleven” during music show encores, netizens made harsh comments about how weak the group sounded and how they’d avoid high notes. Rei, in particular, was harshly criticized, and even given malicious nicknames. 

Over time though, netizens had to admit that IVE have improved. During their promotions for the second title “Love Dive”, the group boasted a much more stable performance, showing their dedication.

IVE used to be under fire for poor singing abilities during encore stages. 
Certain netizens complained that IVE members avoided high notes. 
Rei was even given malicious nicknames. 
However, the group have improved immensely in their comeback with “Love Dive”

This singing controversy, however, reminded many people of a similar situation with TWICE. Despite having been active in the industry for 7 years, the JYP girl group often faces criticism for their encore performances. Momo was specifically targeted, to the point she’d turn her back on the stage to sing. Nevertheless, TWICE’s impact in the industry remains undeniable. 

TWICE also received the public’s ire for “poor live singing abilities”.
Momo was criticized the most, to the point she started to sing with her back towards the camera. 
 TWICE works hard to win the public’s hearts 

Both TWICE and IVE were once embroiled in controversy over a member receiving favoritism from the company. The two outstanding centers of TWICE and IVE, Nayeon and Wonyoung, made netizens wonder if they were overly “pushed”. This explains the nicknames given to the groups like “Nayeon and friends” and “Wonyoung and backup dancers” during the early days of their debuts. 

TWICE used to be called “Nayeon and friends”
IVE became “Wonyoung and backup dancers” due to Wonyoung’s outfits

Despite having all-visual lineups, TWICE and IVE’s group magazine covers faced mixed reactions. Every member looks pretty but group covers seem to downgrade their visuals as no one really stands out. However, solo covers of both groups’ members draw much praise thanks to their charismatic poses and overflowing auras. 

TWICE’s group magazine covers are not considered impressive 
There’s no one that especially stood out 
Sana’s solo cover stole the spotlight because of her top-notch aura 
twice mina
Mina exudes elegance in her solo shoot 
IVE appeared on the covers of one of the 6 most famous fashion magazines
IVE’s group covers were also not highly appreciated 
Despite having equally pretty visuals, the members seem to lack a necessary balance for a group photo 
Jang Won-young
Wonyoung stunned and drew more attention with her solo cover 
Yujin is always complimented for her photoshoot skills

Source: Yan

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