BLACKPINK’s Private Stage: Jennie’s acoustic performance, Jisoo turned into Harry Potter, Lisa and Rosé’s cute duo

4 members of BLACKPINK have brought many interesting and surprising stage at their Private Stage today.

On September 21st, BLACKPINK Private Stage officially started with many new and interesting music stages that have never been performed before. The 4 members, aside from their hits, also amazed the fans with various cover stages in many different concepts, taking their fans on a roller coaster ride of feelings.

Originally a chic and cool main rapper, but a soft and sentimental Jennie can also steal the heart of her fan with her sweet voice. The image of Jennie in a dress, sitting down, playing the guitar to sing the song “Best Part” (H.E.R) is enough to excite any fan.

Rosé and Lisa suddenly formed a lovely sub-unit to cover “L.O.V.E” of Frank Sinatra. As usual, Rosé showed off her sweet-as-honey vocal while playing the guitar, which is enough to make the fan anticipate her solo debut.

However, what’s more, surprising is that fans finally had the chance to listen to Lisa’s vocal. The rapper/dancer member rarely has the chance to show her impressive voice, which is why this performance is special. They both dressed in elegant clothes and have brought a lovely performance from the choreography to their interaction on stage.

While her younger sisters showed off their musical talent, Jisoo turned into a Harry Potter who loves magic tricks. She has gracefully shown a few magic tricks to interact with fans more. And of course, the vocal didn’t forget to gift her fans a solo performance with the track “Stay”. She even revealed a very interesting secret: Jisoo has participated in writing the lyrics for “Stay”.

Jisoo showed fans a cute magic show in her Harry Potter outfit.

Thanks to these stages, BLACKPINK Private Stage is currently a hot topic among fans. The hashtag about this event even got on the top 3 trendings worldwide.

#BLACKPINKPrivateStage got into the top 3 trending worldwide.
BLACKPINK has had impressive stages at their Private Stage today.

Source: Kenh14

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