The first thing “Single’s Inferno” FreeZia did after self-reflection

The recent status of influencer-YouTuber FreeZia (Song Ji-ah) has been reported.

This news was delivered while she was self-reflecting on the “fake products controversy”.

The Korean Red Cross announced on March 8th, “On March 7th, FreeZia (Song Ji-ah) donated 20 million won to the Red Cross, asking to be used for emergency relief support in the areas affected by forest fires in Gangwon and Gyeongsangbuk.”

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According to the Red Cross, Song Ji-ah said, “I am sorry to hear about forest fires’ victims, and I decided to donate a little bit to help those who suffered.”

The donation delivered by Song Ji-ah will be used for emergency relief activities for victims through local Red Cross branches such as Gangwon and Gyeongsangbuk, where forest fires occurred.

The Red Cross shared, “We are grateful for Song Ji-ah’s warm sharing practice. We look forward to spreading her good influence to our society through various activities in the future.”

Meanwhile, Song Ji-ah suddenly emerged as a star by appearing on Netflix‘s entertainment show “Single’s Inferno“. However, after the controversy over her using fake goods arose, she admitted all the allegations and suspended her activities.

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